Harajuku Girls in Resale Street Styles w/ Green Hair, Maxi Skirt, Red Lipstick & Tattoo Necklace

Shino (17) and Aoi (16) are two stylish Japanese students who caught our eye in Harajuku. In addition to school, Aoi is an aspiring dancer who is known in the Tokyo street fashion scene.

Shino – on the left with short black hair – is wearing a resale look featuring a sleeveless top, a belted green skirt, and red and black flats. Her leather tote bag is also a resale find. Shino’s favorite musical artist is the Japanese psychedelic rock trio Yura Yura Teikoku and she also likes Yogee New Waves. Follow her on Instagram.

Aoi – with the green dip dye hair on the right – is also wearing a resale street style. Her look includes a black tank over a green tee, a dark belted maxi skirt and canvas Vans sneakers. Accessories include a tattoo necklace from Faith Tokyo, several handmade items, and a resale bucket bag with a large photo attached by safety pins. Aoi’s favorite band right now is Never Young Beach. Follow Aoi on Instagram and Twitter to see her dance moves and fashion.

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