Harajuku Girls Street Fashion w/ Rainbow Hair Falls, Leopard Slip Dress, Fishnet Top, Mesh Cape, Furry Bralette, Rainbow Chains & Metallic Platform Shoes

It’s hard to miss Dolly and Pia’s eye-catching streetwear styles while we were out and about in Harajuku.

At the left sporting ash blonde hair and a black, edgy style is Pia. She stepped out in a long black cardigan, worn over a leopard print slip dress, which she styled with a long-sleeved fishnet top. She cinched her dress with a long black grommet belt, stepped into black lace-up leather boots, and accessorized with a black beret, round sunglasses, a black harness, layered silver necklaces, a medallion bracelet and multiple knuckle rings. For more of Pia’s streetwear looks, follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Dolly’s colorful ensemble consists of handmade pieces, which feature a green-and-pink cropped mesh top, worn under a blue furry bralette. She also wore a matching blue furry high-low skirt with side slits, and a colorblocked mesh cape coat. Pink-and-green arm and leg warmers and metallic silver platform sandals completed her handmade outfit. The 26-year-old English teacher embellished her look with rainbow hair falls with blue furry hair ties for her twin tails, blue lipstick, and rainbow chains. Dolly loves to shop at ACDC Rag and she enjoys the music of Miyavi. She is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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