Harajuku Girls Street Styles w/ Morph8ne, Peco Club, Bubbles, Candy Stripper, Demonia & Pikachu

Miyu and Nemu are 17-year-old students we met in Harajuku. They caught our eye with their sporty street styles. Let’s take a peek at their outfits:

Miyu (at the left) is wearing a bralette top over a cropped turtleneck top from Morph8ne, track pants, net socks over white socks, Demonia platform shoes, and a red Chanel chain purse. She accessorized with gold heart earrings. Miyu’s favorite fashion brands are XU, Morph8ne and More Than Dope. She listens to Justin Bieber and western pop music. Follow Miyu on Twitter.

At the right, Nemu is sporting a resale Pikachu t-shirt, a plaid skirt from Bubbles, fishnet stockings, white socks, platform shoes from Peco Club, and a canvas tote/sling bag from Candy Stripper. Her only accessory is a pair of oversized eyeglasses. Nemu’s favorite brands include Bubbles and Candy Stripper. She listens to the music of popular female idol group Dempagumi.inc. Nemu is active on Twitter, follow her!

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