Harajuku Girls’ Street Styles w/ Oh Pearl Camo Hat, Florida, Banny, Reebok, Pink Lady, Kinji & Club Lovage Leg Warmers

While taking a walk along the streets of the Harajuku neighborhood, we came upon Ruru and Dainishibou, two 19-year-old students sporting interesting streetwear styles.

At the left is Ruru, sporting rainbow hair. She is dressed in a dark green coat, which she wore over a white printed long shirt layered with a knit collared top, all of which are from Florida. She slipped into a pair of Banny tan pants with leaf prints and appliques, and wore black sneakers from Reebok. Ruru finished off her look with a camouflage print hat from Oh Pearl and a brown knit tote bag from Florida. Ruru’s fashion favorites are Kinsella and Oh Pearl, and she loves the music of Japanese heavy metal band, Maximum The Hormone. Follow Ruru on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Dainishibou is clad in a pink and white outfit, which consists of a pink heart print shearling hoodie jacket with a fuzzy vest panel from Pink Lady. She wore the jacket over layers consisting of a white ribbed turtleneck sweater, and a pink satin polka dot shirt, both of which are from Kinji. She put on a white tiered ruffle skirt, white ribbed leg warmers with pink bows from Club Lovage, and slipped into a pair of black platform shoes. Her accessories include a silver heart chain necklace, and a pink glitter belt layered with a pink metallic belt. In addition, she is wearing a silver metallic sling bag with stickers and cute keychains. Dainishibou loves to shop at G2?, and she likes listening to Wasureranneyo. Dainishibou is also active on Instagram.

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