Harajuku Girls Streetwear w/ Faith Tokyo, Open The Door, Bubbles, 7% More Pink, Kiko x UNIF & WEGO

While in Harajuku, we met a group of 4 girls who caught our eye with their different street styles. They are (from left to right) 14-year-old Kaya, 14-year-old Megumi, 17-year-old Mari, and 15-year-old Moka. Let’s take a closer look at these students’ outfits:

At the left most side, Kaya is wearing a black vest over a Slipknot band t-shirt, camouflage print pants tucked into platform boots from Bubbles, and a purple Faith Tokyo sling bag. Her accessories include a white hat, star earrings, a spike choker, a silver heart necklace, yellow sunglasses, a grommet belt, a leather cuff, and a silver bracelet. Her favorite brand is Faith Tokyo and she listens to Black Pink. Follow her on Instagram.

Twin-tailed Megumi’s look features an Open the Door black t-shirt over net sleeves, plaid skirt from WEGO, black thigh high socks, black platform boots, and a purple sling bag from Faith Tokyo. Her accessories – some from WEGO – include hair ties, a spike choker, a silver ball chain belt, and a leather cuff. Megumi’s favorite brand is Open the Door and she listens to Black Pink, Twice, E-Girls and The Rampage. She is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Mari, with green tipped hair, is wearing a colorful sweatshirt from Kiko for UNIF, a faux leather skirt from WEGO, thigh high socks, platform boots from 7% More Pink, and a white rainbow backpack from UNIF. She accessorized with a black corset belt from (ME) Harajuku. Mari’s favorite brand is UNIF and she likes to listen to KPop, European and American music. For her updates, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, at the right most side, Moka’s outfit consists of a resale t-shirt, plaid pants from Chicago, open toe block heels from WEGO, and a Thank You Mart Powerpuff Girls sling bag. Her accessories include gold hoop earrings, a pendant necklace, silver rings, a black grommet belt, and a red corset belt from (ME) Harajuku. Moka’s favorite fashion label is Faith Tokyo and she likes the music of Generations from Exile Tribe. Follow Moka on Twitter and Instagram.

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