Harajuku Girls Streetwear w/ UNIF, Bubbles, Eria/Area, Kappa, Oh Pearl, One Spo & Demonia

While walking along the busy Harajuku street one afternoon, we met Kunieda and Miyu, both 17-year-old students who caught our eye with their black street fashion styles.

At the left is long-haired Kunieda, whose outfit consists of a striped knit sweater from UNIF, black flared pants, and platform patent leather zipper boots from Bubbles. She accessorized with a red fuzzy beret with grommets and o-rings, large silver hoop earrings, multiple ear studs and cuffs, Eria/Area white-framed sunglasses, silver wallet chains, a leather leg harness, and she is carrying a patent leather sling bag from UNIF. For more of her streetwear looks, follow Kunieda on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Miyu’s look features a black Kappa jacket with red logo and sleeve stripes, which she wore over layered tops consisting of a zebra print Oh Pearl hoodie, a red lace top and a black One Spo t-shirt. A black corset held her layered tops in place, and she completed her outfit with a black pleated skirt – bought at an online Korean shop – black suspender stockings, and platform lace up boots from Demonia. Her accessories – some of which are handmade – include silver layered necklaces, a black belt, and a leather harness worn on her left leg. Faith Tokyo and Never Mind the XU are two of Miyu’s favorite fashion brands. Miyu is also active on Instagram.

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