Harajuku Girls Street Styles w/ Colorful Hair, Thrasher, Right-On, Faith Tokyo, Oh Pearl, Gallerie, Yosuke & Vivienne Westwood

It’s hard not to miss this trio of teen girls all with brightly colored hair while they were out on the streets of Harajuku. They are Momoko, Yutsuki and Marina. Let’s take a closer look at their ensembles..

At the left sporting hot pink fringed hair is Momoko, who is clad in a black resale Thrasher t-shirt, which she tucked into resale purple plaid pants, black socks, and black Right-On double strap slides. The 18-year-old student finished off her look with a resale silver ring and a black vintage crossbody bag. Momoko loves to browse thru resale shops, and she enjoys the music of Radwimps. Follow her on Instagram.

Yutsuki – at the middle sporting a bright yellow fringed bob – is wearing a pink printed t-shirt from Uniqlo, red track pants with white side stripes from Faith Tokyo, and black vintage lace-up boots. Her accessories – mostly from Oh Pearl and Gallerie – include round yellow-tinted sunglasses, a silver kanji necklace, and a religious icons bracelet. In addition, Yutsuki is carrying a white Faith Tokyo waist bag with ID print slung across her chest. Yutsuki loves to shop for fashionable finds in resale shops and Oh Pearl, and she loves listening to CreepHyp. For her social media updates, follow Yutsuki on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Marina – sporting a purple bob with yellow highlights – is an 18-year-old fashion college student. Her ensemble features a yellow collared shirt from Ralph Lauren, black vintage wide leg pants with white side stripes, and black platform lace-up shoes from Yosuke. A Vivienne Westwood orb pendant necklace and a black resale waist bag strapped across her chest rounded out her style. Marina’s fashion favorite is Vivienne Westwood, she loves resale shops, and listening to the music of Oldcodex. Follow Marina on Twitter, Instagram, and her online shop.

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