Harajuku Girls w/ Twintails, Oversized Sweatshirts, Loose Socks & Cute Accessories

We met Akae and Jyuria – both wearing oversized white sweatshirts – on the famous Cat Street in Harajuku.

Akae – 18 years old on the left with twin tails – is wearing an oversized white hoodie from Spinns with pink socks and Swankiss platforms featuring pompoms and ribbons. Accessories include a Kill Star necklace, round sunglasses, a Chanel sphere bag, and a pastel WEGO backpack with a large plush dinosaur charm. Akae also told us that Bring Me The Horizon is her favorite band. Akae – who is fluent in English – is active on both Twitter and Instagram!

In addition to her colorful hairstyle, Jyuria – 19 years old on the right with the beanie and mask – is wearing an oversized graphic sweatshirt from Spinns with a pleated One Spo skirt, loose socks (decorated with manga pins), and loafers. Accessories – some of which came from Park Harajuku – include Furby earrings, a pastel beads necklace, a Kirby and several cute plush charms, and a PlayStation tote bag. Jyuria likes shopping at Spinns and she is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

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