Harajuku Girls w/ Faith Tokyo Crossbody Bags, Funktique Top, Zebra Miniskirt & Platform Boots

Megumi, Kaya, and Ururi are three 14-year-old Japanese students who we have been seeing around the streets of Harajuku recently.

Megumi – on the left in the hat – is wearing an ACDC t-shirt from WEGO with belted striped pants and platform boots. Accessories include a checkered hat, chain necklace, and purple Faith Tokyo crossbody bag. Her favorite fashion brands are WEGO, Faith Tokyo, and GU. She likes the music of E-girls, The Rampage, Twice, and Blackpink. Follow Megumi on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her street style.

Kaya – in the middle in twinbuns – is wearing a top from Funktique Tokyo with a belted H&M zebra miniskirt, and Bubbles Harajuku platform shoes. Her purple crossbody bag is from Faith Tokyo (her favorite Harajuku shop) and she’s also wearing a spike choker and heart necklace. Follow Kaya on Instagram and Twitter.

Ururi – on the right with twintails – is wearing a Chinese style top with blue tie pants and white platform creepers. Accessories – some of which came from H&M – include hoop earrings and an oversized camouflage backpack. Her favorite shops include Faith Tokyo and Oh Pearl and she likes the music of iKon, Big Bang, Blackpink, and BTS. Follow Ururi on Instagram and Twitter.

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