Harajuku Girls w/ Green Hair, Faith Tokyo Leather Jacket, Galfy Sweater, Bershka Snakeskin Pants, Never Mind the XU, Don Quixote, Vivienne Westwood & Demonia Platforms

While out on the Harajuku street one afternoon, we came across Momoka and Rina, whose styles easily caught our attention.

At the left is Rina, sporting a green fringed bob. The 20-year-old apparel designer is wearing a black leather jacket from Faith Tokyo, which she wore over a black t-shirt and black leather pants. She finished off her all black street style with Demonia platform boots, a black DYOG crossbody bag from Never Mind the XU, and accessories – some from Vivienne Westwood – such as an o-ring leather choker, a silver star pendant necklace, and multiple silver rings. Streetwear fashion brand, Never Mind the XU, is Rina’s favorite, and she is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Momoka is clad in a black sweater with a cartoon dog print from Galfy and a pair of snakeskin pants from Bershka. She slipped into black platform boots from Demonia, and accessorized with a black-and-white fuzzy trapper hat, round eyeglasses, silver hoop earrings and a yellow tote bag from Don Quixote. Momoka likes to shop at Oh Pearl, and she listens to the music of Amaryllis Bomb. For more of her, follow Momoka on Instagram and Twitter.

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