Harajuku Girls w/ Pin Nap, Funktique, Comme des Garcons, Adidas, Nadia & Vidakush Items

We met these two stylish 20-year-old students in Harajuku. Here is what we found out about them:

To the right, we have You, a specialty school student. Her top, pants and tote bag are resales and her sneakers are Converse. Her accessories include rings from Nadia, Vidakush and resales, and a hat from Pin Nap (her favorite shop). You likes listening to Big Bang and she’s active on both Twitter and Instagram.

Pictured to the left is Aiki, who is a student. She has lilac hair and she’s wearing a top from Funktique, Adidas pants and a skirt from Comme des Garcons on top. Her bag is from Room Boy Pony and her sneakers are Converse. She accessorized with rings from Vidakush and Nadia, and she told us she likes shopping at Pin Nap and Funktique. She is also on Twitter if you want to look her up.

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