Harajuku Girls w/ Twin Buns, Uniqlo, Kinji Baroque Dress, Zara, (ME)Harajuku, D&G, Pokemon Bag, Ripped Jeans & GU Boots

Here’s Kureha and Anzu, two teens we spotted on the streets of Tokyo with interesting streetwear styles.

At the left is 17-year-old Anzu sporting a twin buns hairstyle, dressed in a dark green ribbed turtleneck sweater from Uniqlo, which she wore underneath a black-and-gold baroque print tunic dress from Kinji. White ribbed knee socks, black leather ankle boots from Zara, and accessories – from (ME)Harajuku and D&G – such as white lace hair bun ties, a silver chain pendant necklace, a black skeleton necklace, and multiple knuckle rings rounded out her style. In adition, Anzu is carrying a blue plushie sling bag from the Pokemon Center. Anzu loves to shop at Zara, and she likes the music of Big Bang. Anzu is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Kureha is wearing a resale black graphic print shirt, resale ripped jeans, and black leather lace-up boots from GU. She embellished her style with accessories – from Kinji – such as a silver lip ring, a silver chain necklace, and a silver rhinestone knuckle ring. Oh Pearl and Mabataki are Kureha’s fashion favorites, and she enjoys listening to the music of Sekai No Owari. Kureha is also active on Instagram.

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