Harajuku Duo in Goth Fashion w/ M:E, El Rodeo, Yosuke, Kagemaru, Goregro, Acolasia, & Lips&Tips

In Harajuku, we met 19-year-old Shigi (left) and 20-year-old Sio (right), both beauty school students. They caught our attention with their black goth fashion. Let’s take a closer look:

Shigi’s all-black ensemble consists of a t-shirt dress from M:E, a tiered skirt from El Rodeo, platform ankle boots from Yosuke, and a leather handbag. Her accessories include a skull necklace from Kagemaru Designs, and an eye ring from Goregro. Shigi’s favorite brands/shops are M:E and DR. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for her social media updates!

Sio’s look features an Acolasia sweatshirt, zipper pants from XU (Tripp NYC), Dr. Martens boots, and a backpack from Rebertas. Accessories include a number pendant necklace and a pinkie ring from Lips&Tips. His favorite brands include L.H.P. and Never Mind the XU. Sio is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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