Harajuku Goth Girl Street Style w/ HellcatPunks, Broken Doll, Glavil & Demonia

We were walking along the Harajuku street when Lemon, a 15-year-old student caught our eye with her black and white gothic street style.

Lemon’s goth ensemble consists of a black cut out shoulder top and black and white short ruffle skirt, both of which are from Glavil, black and white knee high socks, platform lace up shoes from Demonia, a backpack, and a panda sling bag from Sevens. Her accessories – from Claire’s, HellcatPunks, Broken Doll and 9Box – include panda hair ties, a fuzzy blue sleeping mask, silver earrings, a belt choker, a silver necklace, skeleton hands, a striped fingerless glove, studded leather bracelets, and an armor ring.

Lemon told us her favorite brands are Glavil and Hellcatpunks, and that she listens to the music of You’ll Melt More!, Momoiro Clover Z, Mio Yamazaki and Aimyon. For her social media updates, follow Lemon on Twitter and Instagram.

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