Harajuku Goth Street Styles w/ Oversized M:E T-Shirts, Barokue & Demonia

We bumped into Barokue and Shigi, a duo sporting Japanese goth street style looks, in Harajuku. Barokue, 24, is the creator of the brand Barokue (accessories and figures) while Shigi, 18, is a student.

Barokue is sporting a dark visual kei/goth inspired style which consists of a black, oversized print shirt from M:E, resale skirt, black tights and Demonia platform boots. His accessories are made by him. His favorite brands/shops are M:E and Never Mind the XU. You can follow Barokue on Twitter and Instagram for more of his style.

Blonde-haired Shigi is wearing an oversized print shirt from M:E, black gaucho pants, socks and platform creepers. She is carrying a black leather shoulder bag. Shigi loves shopping at M:E and listening to One OK Rock. For more info on Shigi, you can follow her on Twitter.

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