Harajuku Goth Style vs Pastel Style w/ Hello Kitty, Nude N’Rude & 6%DOKIDOKI

We spotted these two Kotoe and Yuriko Tiger in Harajuku, when they were wearing pastels and all black respectively.

Kotoe Suicide – pictured here to the right – is 20 and she works arubaito. She is wearing a gothic look with twin tails with velvet bows, an ACDC Rag dress, and a Nude N’Rude coat. Her round, pentagram bag is from Kill Star and her ankle boots were bought in Harajuku. She accessorized with a ribbon from Paris Kids and over the knee socks from Nude N’Rude. Kotoe likes listening to anisong and Depagumi.inc, and she likes to shop at Nude N’Rude and Kill Star. Find out more about her by following her Twitter.

Yuriko Tiger – in pastels on the right – is 21 and works as a model. She is wearing a pink Hello Kitty cardigan over a GochiUSA manga t-shirt and a 6%DokiDoki layered skirt. Her lolita shoes are from Body Line and her backpack features stars and stripes. Her accessories (including hair bows, plastic bracelets and necklaces, lots of anime/manga pins, rings and striped sock) are from 6%DokiDoki, Paris Kids and Sanrio. Her favorite brand is 6%DokiDoki and her favorite musical group is Depagumi.inc. Check out her Twitter and Facebook profile for more details.

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