Harajuku Guy in Black Streetwear Fashion w/ Forever21, H&M, GU, Converse, Blind Reason & Cody Sanderson

Meet Miku, a 17-year-old Japanese student in black and red streetwear style.

Miku is dressed in a leather motorcycle jacket from Forever21, which he wore over a fuzzy mock neck sweater in black and red stripes from H&M, black GU skinny ripped jeans, and a pair of black high top sneakers from Converse. Miku’s accessories – from Blind Reason and Cody Sanderson – include a black Monster 16 Percent cap, a silver ball chain necklace, white-framed sunglasses, a white belt, a silver band ring, a silver star ring, and a wallet chain.

Miku told us that he likes inexpensive fashion brands and that he likes the music of South Korean girl group, Black Pink.

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