Harajuku Guy in Distressed Denim Street Style w/ Blackmeans, A Clockwork Orange & Dr. Martens

While strolling along the street in Harajuku, our eye was caught by Nashu, a 17-year-old student sporting an all black ensemble with a red hat.

Nashu’s look consists of a black frayed denim jacket and matching jeans from the Japanese punk fashion brand Blackmeans, a white vintage A Clockwork Orange t-shirt, a leather sling bag, and Dr. Martens boots. His accessories include a red hat, a skull tassel necklace, silver chains, a keychain purse, and a silver knuckle ring.

Nashu’s favorite brand is L.T.Tokyo and he listens to the music of Hat Trickers. For his social media updates, follow him on Instagram.

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