Harajuku Guy in Eclectic Street Fashion w/ Sneeuw, Ganryu, Converse & Comme Des Garcons

While walking along the street in Harajuku, we met 19-year-old Yuma Kitazawa, a student who we regularly feature on our street snaps. He was last featured on our street snaps back in August.

Today, Yuma is wearing a vintage fringe drape coat over Sneeuw layered dress and tops, Ganryu two-tone pants, white sneakers from Converse, and a Comme Des Garcons canvas tote bag. His accessories include an orange floppy hat and a plush muffler.

Yuma’s favorite fashion brand is streetwear brand, Dog Harajuku, and he likes the music of Lorde. For his social media updates, you can follow Yuma on Twitter and Instagram.

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