Harajuku Guy in Eclectic Streetwear Style w/ Dog Harajuku, Sullen, T.A.S., Banny & LT Tokyo

We came across Takuro, a 19-year-old Bunka Fashion College student on the night-time Harajuku street. He is regularly featured on our street snaps because of his interesting fashion styles.

Takuro’s look features a denim vest over a purple Sullen oversized shirt, Cannibal Corpse shorts from Dog Harajuku, black socks and T.A.S. boots from LT Tokyo. His accessories include eyeglasses, a single earring, a Banny belt used as a neckie, and an LT Tokyo bracelet.

Takuro’s favorite fashion brands are Dog Harajuku and Sullen. He is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow him!

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