Harajuku Guys’ Street Styles w/ Algonquins, Yosuke, RUO, ACDC & Dr. Martens

We met these two guys in all dark fashion on the street in Harajuku.

20-year-old Seiya has black hair and a studded cap. His blue top and pants are from Algonquins while his studded, heeled boots are from Yosuke. He is also wearing accessories from RUO, including a choker with handcuffs. Seiya’s favorite brands are ACDC Rag and Yosuke. He’s a fan of Mejibray, Dir en Grey and Kiryu, and he’s active on Twitter.

22-year-old Uni has pink hair and he works in an accessory shop. He’s wearing a t-shirt and skirt from ACDC with Dr. Martens lace-up boots. His accessories include earrings, a choker and a black bag. His favorite brands are ACDC and Lira Exchange, and his a fan of Kiryu.

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