Harajuku Guys in All Black & Remake Street Fashion w/ Caveat Emptor, Y-3, Converse, Reebok & Clash T-Shirt

While walking along the busy Harajuku street, we came across Daiki, a 19-year-old shop staff and Kojiro, a 19-year-old beauty school student.

At the left, blonde-haired Daiki is sporting an all black ensemble, which consists of a Caveat Emptor sweatshirt, pants from Y-3, Converse sneakers, and a Y-3 drawstring sling bag. Daiki’s favorite brand is Y-3 and he listens to all kinds of music. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

And at the right, Kojiro is wearing a remake denim vest over a Clash t-shirt, remake green cut off shorts, black socks, and black Reebok slides. His accessories include sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, a silver chain necklace, a leather cuff bracelet, a black watch, and a remake sling pouch. Kojiro likes the music of Kasabian. For his social media updates, follow Kojiro on Instagram.

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