In Harajuku, we met Takahito and Riku, both sporting black casual streetwear styles while out and about on the street.

At the left is Takahito, an 18-year-old in the finance industry. He is dressed in a black sweatshirt with printed sleeves from Comme des Garcons, orange track pants with black wordings on the sides from Homies Wonderland, and black Dr. Martens boots with its famous yellow stitches. He rounded out his look with silver hoop earrings and a silver cutout ring from Gucci. Follow Takahito on Instagram.

Meanwhile, pink-haired Riku – a 19-year-old student – is wearing black layers of a cropped ‘Scheme’ sleeveless shirt, a t-shirt, and a long sleeve turtleneck sweatshirt, which he styled with a purple high-waist checkered pants cinched with a black leather belt, all of which are from John Lawrence Sullivan. Riku slipped into black suede shoes from Saint Laurent, and finished off his style with silver hoop earrings. Riku is also active on Instagram.

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