Harajuku Guys in Japanese Streetwear Styles

While taking a night-time stroll along the streets of Harajuku, we met this group of teenage boys whose streetwear styles definitely caught our attention. They are Hayate, Kyosuke, Ryoki and Hikaru. Let’s take a closer look at their individual styles:

At the left is 17-year-old Hikaru, who is dressed in a Pendleton denim jacket, along with a pink sweatshirt and dark blue hoodie from new Korean streetwear brand, This Is Never That. He paired purple rumpled corduroy pants from Comme des Garcons, black-and-white Nike sneakers, and a black sling bag from Coach. Accessories include white sunglasses and layered necklaces. Hikaru’s favorite fashion label is Comme des Garcons, and he likes the music of Jeff Beck and Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku.

Next is 18-year-old Kyosuke, whose outfit features a remake satin bomber jacket with extra long sleeves, safety pin embellishments, and a silver chain body harness. He wore it over a black zip-up mock-neck jacket, dark blue pants tucked into mismatched striped socks, and a pair of black leather sneakers from Zara. He capped off his look with clear safety glasses and a black leather grommet belt. When asked, Kyosuke mentioned Kinji as his favorite fashion brand. For more on Kyosuke, follow him on Instagram.

Ryoki – a 17-year-old student – is sporting a colorblock green-and-orange construction style jacket worn under a yellow safety vest and green Puma track pants. He completed his outfit with white Reebok sneakers and is carrying a drawstring backpack from Daiso. His favorite fashion brand is Japanese streetwear label, Comme des Garcons. Ryoki is also active on Instagram.

Last is 17-year-old Hayate, whose street style outfit consists of a blue-and-yellow colorblock button down shirt from Bisley, and black flare pants from UX with patches and zippers embellishments. Black platform boots from Yosuke, and accessories such as yellow glasses, silver hoop earrings, a grommet belt worn as a necktie, and silver chains capped off his look. Kinji is Hayate’s favorite fashion brand and he is active on Instagram.

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