Harajuku Guys in Minimalist Designer Street Styles w/ Rick Owens, Maison Margiela, Issey Miyake, GU Slides & Geta Sandals

While on an outing on the Harajuku street, we bumped into Seppuku and Sou, two teens who caught our eye with their minimalist streetwear looks.

At the left is Seppuku, who is clad in an all black minimalist ensemble. The 15-year-old student is wearing a sleeveless long shirt, which he paired with a drawstring knee-length skirt – both of which are from Rick Owens. He finished off his minimalist look with geta sandals, a black monochrome print sling bag from Rick Owens, and remake accessories such as silver hoop earrings, silver ball chain bracelets and silver knuckle rings. Seppuku mentioned that his favorite fashion labels are Kidill and Rick Owens. Check out Seppuku’s striking streetwear fashion styles on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Sou Yokoo – also sporting a minimalist look – is wearing a distressed tan t-shirt with an aqua neckline print from Maison Margiela, loosely tucked into brown rumpled dress pants from Issey Miyake. White socks, black crisscross leather slides from GU, and accessories such as a silver ball chain bracelet, a black-and-gold knuckle ring and silver wallet chain rounded out the 17-year-old’s streetwear look. John Lawrence Sullivan is Sou’s fashion favorite, and he enjoys the music of Japanese rock band, Shinsei Kamattechan. Sou Yokoo is also active on Instagram as well as Twitter.

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