Harajuku Guys in Monochrome Streetwear Styles w/ 99%IS Leather Outfit, George Cox Shoes, Gucci & Tokyo Human Experiments Wire Rings

While on an evening outing on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Keito and Keigo, fashion college students whose monochrome streetwear styles caught our eye.

At the left is 18-year-old Keito, who is dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket, a white printed shirt, and black leather zippered pants – all of which are from 99%IS-. Black socks, black leather lace-up shoes from George Cox, and accessories – from Tokyo Human Experiments and 99%IS – such as silver hoop earrings, a leather belt, and silver wired rings finished off his edgy style. Keito lists 99%IS- as his fashion favorites, and he likes listening to the music of Sex Pistols. Follow Keito and his style feed on Instagram.

Sporting a brown bob, Keigo stepped out in a white long sleeve shirt from Gucci, which he styled with a navy blue Gucci necktie with embroidered patches, and paired with black pants. He slipped into black leather loafers with gold buckles from Gucci to complete his monochrome street style. The 19-year-old’s fashion favorite is Gucci, and he is also active on Instagram.

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