Harajuku Guys in Leather Jackets & Skinny Pants Streetwear w/ Dr. Martens & 666

While taking a stroll on the streets of Harajuku, we met this group of guys who caught our attention with their leather jacket street styles. From left to right, they are: Haruki, Daiki, Katsuya and Hiroto. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits..

Haruki – 16-years-old – is wearing a black leather jacket over a white shirt, black skinny jeans, and Dr. Martens boots. He accessorized with a black floppy hat with safety pin embellishments, an o-ring leather choker, a black belt, and another studded belt worn on his left leg. For his info and updates, follow Haruki on Twitter and Instagram.

Sporting a center-parted hairstyle, Daiki’s outfit consists of a black leather jacket, a striped shirt, red vinyl pants, and ankle zipper boots. His accessories include silver chain earrings, a lip ring connecting to his left ear, a studded leather belt choker, a studded belt, a grommet belt and a chain body harness. Daiki’s favorite fashion brand is Maison Margiela and he likes the music of the Sex Pistols. He is active on Instagram.

Katsuya’s ensemble consists of a black leather jacket, which he wore over a red and black striped sweater, dark green jeans, and black platform creepers with dark green laces. Accessories include a beret, dark sunglasses, black tassel earrings, double belts, a silver wallet chain, and a 666 arm band. Katsuya is active on Instagram.

And lastly, 15-year-old Hiroto is wearing a pink leather jacket over a distressed top, black skinny pants tucked into high cut Dr. Martens boots. He accessorized with a key earrings, sunglasses worn backwards, an o-ring leather choker, a lock chain necklace, and a studded belt worn low over his pants. Hiroto loves listening to Sex Pistols. Hiroto is active on Instagram, follow him!

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