Harajuku Guys Streetwear Fashion w/ Harley Davidson, John Lawrence Sullivan, Nike, Vans & Junya Watanabe

In Harajuku, we came upon these two guys sporting different street style looks. They are 19-year-old Taiki (riding a scooter), and 16-year-old Masashi (at the right).

Taiki’s ensemble consists of an orange cropped Harley Davidson sweatshirt over a black t-shirt, maroon pants from John Lawrence Sullivan, Vans sneakers and a Nike Sling bag. His accessories include a safety pin earring and a maroon belt. Taiki’s favorite brand is Vans and he loves the music of The Otogibanashi’s. He is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Masashi is wearing an all black outfit featuring a Junya Watanabe button down long sleeve shirt, leather pants, Nike Air Rift split toe shoes, black earrings, black belt, and a black handbag.

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