Harajuku Guys Streetwear Styles w/ Dog Harajuku, Marques Alemida Flared Pants, LRS Sheer Top, Maison Margiela & Dragon Platform Boots

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street one afternoon are Kohei and Yuki with their striking ensembles.

At the left is 18-year-old Kohei, who is dressed in a white printed shirt from Dog Harajuku, tucked into flared denim pants from Marques Alemida. Black crocodile leather pointy boots from Maison Margiela and resale accessories such as a silver capsule pendant necklace with a ball chain, a black leather belt, multiple silver hoop earrings, and a silver septum ring rounded out his style. Check out Kohei’s streetwear style on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Yuki stepped out in a resale denim vest, worn over a sheer long sleeve top with black leather panels from LRS. The 19-year-old student finished off his ensemble with black shorts, black socks, and resale black satin dragon print platform boots. A pearl necklace and a black leather belt finished off his streetwear look. Yuki is also active on Instagram.

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