Harajuku Guys in Streetwear by Vetements, Balenciaga, Inherit, Dholic, 3.1 Phillip Lim & Klasse14

In Harajuku, we met 19-year-old student Minho and 21-year-old singer Ryo. Our attention was caught with their individual black fashion street styles.

Minho (at the right), is wearing a grey shirt underneath a Vetements hoodie sweater, black skinny pants from an unknown Korean brand, and a pair of black high top sock trainers from Balenciaga. He is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag (not in photo) and his only accessory is a black mask that covers his nose and mouth. Minho’s favorite brands/shops include Vetements and Off-White. He loves K-Pop and Trap music as well as bands such as Greenday and My Chemical Romance. Check him out on Instagram!

At the left, Ryo’s ensemble features a black and white polka dot button down shirt from Inherit, cropped dress pants from DHOLIC, and black ZARA ankle boots. A colorblock handbag from 3.1 Phillip Lim, black sunglasses and jewelry – from Klasse14 and Yves Saint Laurent – such as cross earrings, thin gold chain necklace, watch, bangles and multiple statement silver rings complete his stylish look. Ryo’s favorite brand is Andersson Bell and he listens to Dean. Follow him on Instagram!

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