Harajuku Guys w/ Shield Visor Sunglasses, Face Masks, Ader Error x Puma, Nike x Supreme, A-Wende, Anti Social Social Club, H&M, Adidas Yeezy Boost 700, Sick Boy & Adidas x Pharrel Williams Hu Holi NMD Sneakers

While out on the streets of Harajuku one afternoon, we came across this trio of guys all sporting black masks and cool sporty streetwear styles. They are Shuma, Shota, and Hiroki.

Shuma Sato – at the left – is clad in a white sweatshirt with colorblocked sleeves and collar from Ader Error x Puma, which he paired with maroon pocket pants with red trims from Nike. The 15-year-old student tucked his pants into white ribbed socks and stepped into a pair of Nike x Supreme flame print sneakers. A black face mask, tinted eyeglasses, and silver chains are the finishing touches to his style. In addition, Shuma is wearing a black waist bag with shoulder harness, which he bought from A-Wende. Shuma lists Adererror, OY and Gosha Rubchinskiy as his favorite brands, and he likes the music of My Hair Is Bad. Follow Shuma on Instagram.

At the middle we have Shota Suzuki clad in a black-and-white streetwear look. The 15-year-old student stepped out in a black satin zip-up jacket with white side stripes from Anti Social Social Club, which he layered with a black t-shirt and a white vest. He paired his layered tops with white Adidas track pants with black stripe trims, donned white Adidas socks, and slipped into a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 colorblock sneakers. He finished off his monochrome look with shield visor sunglasses, a black face mask, Chrome Hearts earrings, silver body chains, and a black waist bag from H&M. Shota loves to shop at Adidas and he enjoys listening to the music of Winner. Shota is also active on Instagram, follow him!

Meanwhile, Hiroki is dressed in layered tops consisting of a metallic bronze t-shirt and a black collared sweatshirt. He paired his layered tops with purple drawstring trackpants with side stripes from Sick Boy. White ribbed socks and Adidas x Pharrell Williams Hu Holi NMD sneakers with neon green laces completed his outfit. He finished off his ensemble with shield visor sunglasses, a black face mask, a single chain earring, an o-ring chain necklace, a black watch, and a black body bag embellished with safety pins and silver chains. Hiroki loves the music of Eden.

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