Harajuku Hair Dresser in Vintage Handmade Street Style w/ Spiky Hair, Yellow Chains, Cropped Denim Jacket, Loose Denim Pants, Dr. Martens Suede Boots & Comme des Garcons Tote Bag

Meet Wataru, a 20-year-old hair dresser whom we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps.

Sporting orange-tipped spiky hair, Wataru stepped out in a handmade cropped denim jacket, worn over a vintage black-and-yellow striped sweatshirt and a pair of vintage loose denim pants. He stepped into a pair of black suede boots with white trims from Dr. Martens and carried a tan Comme des Garcons tote bag. His accessories – mostly handmade – include clear eyeglasses, gauged ear with a silver hoop earring, a silver tube earring, silver chains fastened with silver safety pins, and yellow chains used as a necklace and as a belt.

Dr. Martens is Wataru’s favorite fashion brand, and he likes listening to Japanese music. Wataru is active on Instagram and Twitter, follow him for his social media updates.

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