Harajuku Hair Stylist in Nirvana, Dog Harajuku, Converse, Tommy Hilfiger & Rico Kawakami

Rakuto is a 24-year-old hair stylist whose casual eclectic street style easily caught our eye.

Sporting a two-tone partially shaved hair with blunt bangs and a ponytail, Rakuto is clad in a red-and-yellow Nirvana striped loose knit sweater with zipper cuffs from Dog Harajuku, which he wore over a green-and-white striped shirt. A pair of Rico Kawakami distressed jeans with safety pin embellishments, pink Converse sneakers, and a metallic silver backpack from Tommy Hilfiger, and silver hoop earrings finished off his ensemble.

Japanese streetwear brand, Comme des Garcons is Rakuto’s favorite, and he likes the music of indie pop band, Superorganism. Follow Rakuto on Instagram.

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