Harajuku Girl in Hyper Core Sukajan, Morph8ne & Vivienne Westwood

High・x・DeeE is a 19-year-old staffer at the Hyper Core Harajuku boutique who we often see around the streets.

Her look features a Hyper Core souvenir jacket over a Morph8ne dress from Never Mind the XU, striped net tights, and ankle boots. Accessories include a hat with rabbit ears, a leather harness phone case from Nyulycadelic (ニュリカデリック), Vivienne Westwood rings, a Monomania ring, and a leather o-rings choker.

High・x・DeeE’s favorite shops/brands include Never Mind The XU, Monomania, and H Fractal. She likes the music of Marilyn Manson, Hyde, and Dempagumi.inc. Find her on Instagram or Twitter for more pics and information.

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