Rikarin in Harajuku w/ Colorful Hair, Leather Jacket, 6%DOKIDOKI & Milklim

Rikarin is a 19-year-old student with colorful hair who we have been street snapping in Harajuku for over a year. She recently started posting videos about Harajuku on YouTube.

When we met Rikarin on the street in Harajuku this time, she was wearing a resale leather jacket over a Milklim top with a sheer skirt, shorts she picked up from a resale shop, fishnet stockings, pink socks, and boots she got in China. Accessories include a pink knit muffler from H&M, 6%DOKIDOKI sparking bows, eye jewels, Isekai earrings, a candy necklace, and an MCM backpack.

Rikarin’s favorite fashion brand is the iconic Harajuku label 6%DOKIDOKI and she likes the music of Dempagumi.inc. Find her on Instagram or Twitter for lots more pictures.

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