Harajuku Leather & Snakeskin Streetwear Styles w/ Cowboy Hat, Tripp NYC Cargo Pants, New Rock, BlackMeans, Prada, Never Mind the XU & Vintage Fashion

We came across Shusuke and Kaiya on the Harajuku street one evening. These teens were sporting striking streetwear ensembles which easily caught our eye.

At the left we have Kaiya, an 18-year-old student. He stepped out in a vintage ensemble, which consists of a motorcycle jacket, worn over a resale black printed t-shirt with distressed hems and a studded neckline. He donned pink snakeskin print pants, stepped into a pair of black snakeskin heeled boots, and furnished his look with accessories such as a black cowboy hat, a grey paisley print scarf tied around his neck, a black studded belt, and a black see-through keychain triangle pouch. In addition, Kaiya is carrying a black vintage fringed suede sling bag with grommeted detailing. Kaiya’s favorite fashion brand is MYOB, and he enjoys the music of The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones. Follow Kaiya on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Shusuke – sporting a spiked shaggy hairstyle with pink hair tips – is dressed in a remake leather motorcycle jacket, which feature spiked studs and green trims. He wore a resale snakeskin print jacket over a black graphic print t-shirt, a pair of graphic print cargo pants from Tripp NYC, and stepped into black leather shoes from New Rock. The 20-year-old fashion college student finished off his look with accessories such as silver chain earrings, a black leather Never Mind the XU choker, a silver chain necklace, a black leather grommet belt, a Blackmeans leather knuckleduster, multiple silver knuckle rings and silver chains. In addition, Shusuke is wearing a remake black spiked waist bag and a Prada waist bag. Shusuke loves to shop at 99%IS-, and he likes listening to the music of Sex Pistols. Shusuke is also active on Instagram.

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