Rikarin in Harajuku w/ Colorful Leg Warmers, Cow Print & 6%DOKIDOKI

Rikarin is a 19-year-old student who we often see on the street in Harajuku. She also has her own YouTube series “My Harajuku Life“.

This time, she was wearing a resale cow print plush top with shorts from 6%DOKIDOKI. She’s also wearing a backpack and waist bag from Kiki2 Koenji and Kinji Harajuku. Her pastel shoes with stars are from Yosuke, worn with handmade faux fur leg warmers, a faux fur hat, and other kawaii accessories from 6%DOKIDOKI and the 100 yen shop.

Rikarin’s favorite place to shop is 6%DOKIDOKI and her favorite band is Dempagumi.inc. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter for daily updates.

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