Harajuku Lolita in Angelic Pretty, Anges et Demons, Metamorphose & Lux Stellae

Rumina is a regularly featured in our Harajuku street snaps. She loves to dress in Lolita fashion, as you can see in her last snap.

This time, purple-haired Rumina’s Lolita look features a blue cat print hoop skirt dress from Angelic Pretty, a Kate Spade bag, and platform doll shoes from Metamorphose Temps de Fille. Her accessories include an Anges et Demons black bonnet with bows and flowers, necklace and ring from Lux Stellae, a lace finger bracelet, a white masquerade mask, and corset tattoo stockings.

Rumina’s favorite brand is MR Corset, and she loves listening to hardcore, drum and bass, and anime remix music. She is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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