Harajuku Lolita Fashion w/ Mary Magdalene Dresses, Violin Bags, BTSSB & Alice and the Pirates

We met these two Japanese lolitas on the street in Harajuku. This is what we found out about them:

The girl pictured to the right is Miya. She is wearing a ruffle dress from the Japanese classic lolita fashion brand Mary Magdalene with a violin-inspired bag from Innocent World and heeled shoes from Alice and the Pirates. Her accessories, including a statement ring, crown and pearls necklace, and chandelier earrings, are from her favorite Japanese lolita fashion brand – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. She also told us she likes listening to┬áSound Horizon.

Koharu – on the left – is also wearing a dress from Mary Magdalene, a violin shaped bag from Alice and the Pirates, a floral tote bag, a hat, and shoes like Miya’s, only in a different shade. She is also wearing lace tights and red earrings.

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