Harajuku Lolita & Steampunk Street Style w/ Alice And The Pirates Fashion & Parasol

In Harajuku, Luka captured our attention with his statement-making Lolita style with a mix of steampunk elements.

Dressed from head to toe in Japanese subculture brand Alice And The Pirates, Luka’s outfit features a white long-sleeve ruffle shirt, black corset-style jumper shorts with gold buttons, center pleats, balloon ruffle hems, and gold rope trims. Blue-and-black argyle tights and black lace-up boots completed his ensemble. Luka flourished his style with a black velvet hat which feature white lace trim, a bow and clock embellishment, and a white boa feather and silver bow trims. He further accessorized his look with a lock necklace, a leather body harness with an attached waist bag at the back, a white face clock patch, a vintage style ring, and a black parasol.

Lolita brand, Alice And The Pirates, is Luka’s favorite fashion label.

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