Harajuku Mens Streetwear Styles w/ Comme des Garcons, Gucci, Takeo Kikuchi, Remake & Vintage Fashion

We stumbled upon these three familiar faces on the streets of Harajuku. These stylish teens have been featured here on several occasions due to their bold sartorial sense and eye-catching ensembles.

In the middle is pink-haired Raw, who is clad in a remake gold cropped puffer jacket. The 19-year-old student kept the visible button placket and decorated the rest of the jacket with a handmade harness. Raw wore it over a black Comme des Garçons blazer and remake black pants decorated with several patches. He also wore resale black leather lace-up shoes and chunky rings from Tokyo Human Experiments. Raw’s favorite fashion brand is Dog Harajuku, while his favorite musical artist is Deformed Nippon. Follow Raw on Instagram and Twitter.

On the left is Kentaro, who is decked out in a monochromatic ensemble consisting of resale items. He wore a white overcoat, which was cinched at the waist with a black leather belt. Kentaro styled it with white leather pants tucked into black leather boots with high block heels. He finished off his look with a studded black leather choker with multiple chains and buckles. Kentaro loves shopping at resale shops. He is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, blond-haired Gero went for a different style route and donned a colorful outfit. He wore a resale green jacket over a printed button-down top from Paul Smith. The 19-year-old beauty school student tucked them into shiny purple pants from a local costume store. His pants were cinched at the waist with a Gucci belt and secured with black suspenders. Strapped on one shoulder is a tote bag from Opening Ceremony. He finished off his look with red-and-black striped socks and black leather lace-up shoes from Takeo Kikuchi. Gero’s fashion favorites include Kinji and Yuta. Follow him on Instagram for more style updates.

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