Harajuku Menswear Street Styles w/ Qlozet, Vivienne Westwood, Dog Harajuku, Saint Laurent Paris, Gap & Reebok

While out for an evening walk on the streets of Harajuku, we came upon this group of teens sporting individual looks.

At the left is 21-year-old Kenta, who is dressed in an all black outfit. Kenta is clad in a Qlozet spiked motorcycle jacket, which he styled with a black turtleneck top and black skinny pants, and paired with spiked leather boots from Dog Harajuku. He accessorized his look with a Vivienne Westwood silver orb pendant necklace, and some remake and vintage accessories such as silver hoop earrings and large silver wallet chains. Dog Harajuku is Kenta’s favorite fashion brand, and he is active on Instagram.

Up next is 18-year-old Toranosuke, who is clad in a vintage leopard print fur vest over a black lace and green top, paired with cherry red pants and red leopard print loafers from Saint Laurent Paris. His accessories – some from Vivienne Westwood – include sunglasses, safety pin earrings, a silver orb pendant necklace, armor rings, knuckle rings, and a silver wallet chain. Toranosuke’s fashion favorites are Gucci, Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood, and he enjoys the music of Oasis. Follow him on Instagram.

Sporting two-tone pink and yellow hair under a faux fur hat, 18-year-old Towy’s style consists of a faux fur animal print coat, yellow track pants with black side stripes from Gap, and black vintage platform creepers. He finished off his look with vintage silver chain earrings. Towy loves shopping at San To Nibun No Ichi, and he likes listening to Yentown and KZM. Towy is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Gaku is dressed in a red and black outfit, which features a black Reebok puffer jacket, worn over a red-and-black colorblock zip-up sweater and black turtleneck top, and red pants. Gaku completed his outfit with black socks and black bathroom sandals. Gaku’s favorite brands include Comme des Garcons and John Lawrence Sullivan, and he is also active on Instagram.

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