Harajuku Model’s Monochrome Street Style w/ Sweet Like Honey Mask, Supreme Anime T-Shirt, Cote Mer Pinstripe Pants, Sling Bag & Balenciaga Chunky Sneakers

In Harajuku, we came across Meron, a 17-year-old model we often feature in our street snaps.

Meron stepped out in a monochrome street style, featuring a Supreme anime print t-shirt, Cote Mer pinstripe pants and chunky black sneakers from Balenciaga. A black cap over a monochrome kanji print scarf, a Sweet Like Honey black mask from Cote Mer, a silver chain necklace, a black leather belt, a heart keychain and a silver chain accessory finished off his style. In addition to that, Meron is toting a black slogan print sling bag from Cote Mer.

Cote Mer is one of Meron’s favorite fashion brand and he is active on Instagram.

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