Harajuku Girls in Oversized Sweatshirts, Manga Pins, Nesin, Zzz…Tokyo & Disney

Colomo and Melochicon are two 19-year-old girls who we often see around the streets of Harajuku.

Colomo – on the left with pink hair – is wearing an oversized Nesin Harajuku bear hoodie with graphic leg warmers from M:E, and loafers. Accessories include several cute hair pins, a fuzzy panda backpack purchased on Takeshita Dori, a kawaii black and white pouch bag from Zzz…Tokyo, badges from Swimmer, and various anime/manga badges. Colomo told us that her favorite shop is M:E. Find her on Instagram or Twitter for more info.

Melochicon – on the right with pink and blue hair in braids – is wearing an oversized Disney Halloween sweatshirt with a knit hat, scarf, and loafers. Accessories – some of which came from Vivienne Westwood – include round glasses, a Care Bears pouch, a backpack from Spinns, eye jewels, jewelry, various manga badges, and a Kirby plush charm. Melochicon’s favorite brands are Nesin and Chanel. She is also active on both Instagram and Twitter.

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