Harajuku Guy w/ Pink Hair & Mixed Prints Street Style w/ Plaid Blazer, Popcorn Top & Gucci Bag

Meet Kiku, a 16-year-old student who we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps. We spotted him out on the street one evening, and his pink bob and mixed prints ensemble easily caught our attention.

Kiku donned a tan double-breasted plaid coat over a blue popcorn-pleat top which features a geometric print and extra long sleeves. He paired his printed coat and top with Hiro eyes print bondage pants – with a slightly flared hem and red front zipper – from Kidill, and black heeled zipper boots he bought online. A black Gucci leather belt, a silver safety pin hanging from his belt loop, and a Gucci logo print sling bag are the finishing touches to his style.

Fake Tokyo is Kiku’s favorite fashion boutique, and he enjoys the music of South Korean girl group, Momoland. Kiku is active on Instagram and Twitter.

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