Harajuku Girl in Punk-Gothic Handmade Fashion, ACDC Rag & Yosuke USA

We spotted Yukachin, who stood out on the rainy streets of Harajuku with her red punk and gothic inspired handmade ensemble and pink parasol.

The young designer stepped out in a handmade outfit, which consisted of a red plaid jacket with frayed trims and several words written in red ink on contrasting white patches. Yukachin also wore a handmade red top and a black-and-red tiered mini skirt. She styled them with black-and-red knee-high socks and red plaid leg warmers that matched her jacket and are adorned with multiple safety pins. On her feet are white platform wedge shoes from Yosuke USA, and strapped on her back is a black winged backpack from ACDC Rag. Slung over one shoulder is a handmade red bag with plaid details, and on her head is a handmade red headband tied under her chin with a red ribbon and decorated with two large syringes.

Yukachin wore an assortment of accessories – both handmade and bought from several other shops. These include a black choker with contrasting red studs, a red choker with silver buckles, crosses under her eyes, a skeleton necklace, and silver chains. Yukachin also wore red eye makeup and styled her hair in twin braids with bangs. Finally, she shielded herself from the rain with a large pink parasol that featured a contrasting black floral lace trim.

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