Harajuku Punk in Black Leather w/ Fetis, DIY, 666 Japan, Cody Sanderson & Converse

While walking along the busy street of Harajuku, we came across 17-year-old Ryunosuke Ishimitsu, a student. He caught our eye with his all black outfit with striking black eye makeup.

Ryunosuke’s all black ensemble features a Fetis leather jacket over a Zara top, D.I.Y. distressed and patched denims, and studded sneakers from Converse. His accessories include a Fetis leather collar, silver chain necklace, an O-ring belt, leather cuffs and silver bracelets from 666 Japan, and a silver ring by Cody Sanderson.

Ryunosuke’s favorite fashion brands are Fetis, Cyber Dyne, 99%IS- and 666 Japan. His favorite music artists/bands are Hat Trickers, The Erections, and Vivisick. He is active on Instagram and Twitter.

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