Harajuku Punk Style w/ Red Bandana, Tattoos, Hoop Earrings, Seditionaries Sex Pistols Shirt, 99%IS-, Layered Leather Belts & Acne Studios Square Boots

While taking a stroll along the streets of Tokyo, we came across Yu, the popular street style personality and Anrealage staffer we often feature in our street snaps.

This afternoon, Yu is dressed in a white Sex Pistols graphic print t-shirt from Seditionaries, which he half-tucked into black skinny denim pants with zipper accents from 99%IS-. Heeled leather square toe boots from Acne Studios and accessories such as black sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, a silver bead necklace, a skinny grommet belt, a black O-ring leather belt, a silver smart watch, several bracelets, a pinkie ring and silver chains completed his look. Some of his accessories are from Acne Studios. In addition, Yu is sporting a red bandana tied on his wrist.

Yu lists Anrealage as his favorite fashion label and he is active on Instagram.

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