Harajuku Remake & Handmade Street Style w/ Motorcycle Jacket, Dog Harajuku Mohair Sweater, Punk Pants, Tokyo Human Experiments, Dilivee & Vivienne Westwood Boots

While taking a leisurely walk along the Harajuku street one afternoon, we came upon Shunsuke, a 20-year-old fashion college student who we often feature on our street snaps section.

Shunsuke stepped out in a black leather motorcycle, remade with spiked studs and green painted panel and trims. He styled his jacket with a Dog Harajuku green-and-purple mohair sweater, handmade plaid punk pants, and suede tan buckle boots from Vivienne Westwood. He accessorized his ensemble with a single chain earring, layered silver chain necklaces, pin badges on his lapel, a white leather o-ring belt, a black leather belt with straps and silver chains, silver chains hanging from his belt, a Dilivee clear triangle pouch, and multiple silver knuckle rings from Tokyo Human Experiments.

For more of Shunsuke’s streetwear styles, follow him on Instagram.

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