Harajuku Girl in Retro Style w/ Furry Hat, RRR Vintage Burberry Plaid Coat, Leather Backpack, MICMO & Shimokita Market

While taking a walk along the streets of Harajuku, we came across Masaki, a popular 20-year-old Japanese fashion industry staffer whose stylish plaid streetwear ensemble easily caught our attention.

Masaki is wearing a Burberry plaid coat, which she sourced from RRR Vintage. She paired her coat with a white ruffle collar shirt from Shimokita Market (Shimokitazawa), and brown pants from MICMO Vintage. She slipped into a pair of vintage black leather lace-up shoes from Shimokita Market, and donned vintage accessories such as a furry hat, gold chandelier earrings, and a brown leather wide belt. In addition, Masaki is carrying a vintage Korean brown leather backpack.

Masaki loves to shop at RRR, and she enjoys the music of Japanese rock band, Sumika. Follow her on Instagram.

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